Tapping Out to Glory

Learning to lose in order to gain

If you’re a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, you get the idea of tapping out. If you’re not, let me explain. If you were in the ring with someone battling it out, you may try a submission move. It’s called a submission move because the hope is that the other person will submit to you by tapping out, thus admitting defeat. Submission is a huge idea in the life of a Christ follower because we are commanded to do so, that is, to submit to God.

Tapping Out to Glory

Without submitting yourself to God, you will consistently live a life without Him as your Lord. To put God in the right position in your life, you must submit.

30 Marks of a Christ-Shaped Life

What you can expect in your life as you follow Christ

A Christ follower lives a Christ-shaped life. As they mature in their faith, they begin to look more and more like what God wishes them to look like. My goal with identifying these marks is to show you some of the things you should expect to begin seeing in and through your life as you surrender to and follow Jesus.

30 Marks of a Christ-Shaped Life

Teachings like this can easily become misunderstood, so allow me to say at the outset that these are marks of someone who has been saved by God through Christ. These are not prerequisites for being saved. Please, don’t read this as, “this is what I must be before I can surrender my life to God.” That is not at all what I am laying out here. These are things that those who have been saved should begin to see in their lives as they follow Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in and through them. 

Being Sure of Your Salvation

Monday Morning Devotional

If someone were to ask you, what are your chances of going to heaven, what would be your answer? 30%    50%    75%    100%

Being sure of your salvation

Where does your first reaction take you? 

Why Faith Without Works Really is Dead

Let's seek to set the record straight

What happens when two Bible authors go to battle on a subject? This is the attitude we approach Paul’s declaration that we are justified by faith and James’ declaration that we are justified by works.

Why Faith Without Works Really is Dead

As they used to say in the UFC… Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s get it on!

God Unconditionally Loves But Doesn’t Unconditionally Save?

Exposing an all-too-common false choice

If God loves everyone, He must save everyone. Or, on the opposite spectrum, since God doesn’t save everyone, He doesn’t love everyone. Which one is true? Allow me to introduce you to a reality that is so easily neglected in today’s rhetoric: there’s this thing called a false choice. In other words, we can incorrectly pose two things against one another, presenting them as the only options, and ask someone to choose.

God Unconditionally Loves But Doesn't Unconditionally Save?

Is it possible that God can love everyone and, yet, not save everyone? I believe the answer is a resounding yes! I believe this because we can see this reality in Scripture. 

A Hack That Makes Bible Reading an Epic Experience

Read the Bible in a fresh, new way!

Recently I started reading the Bible in a whole new way. It has made my experience reading the Bible fresh and new. It’s not the only way to read the Bible, and you may find that you don’t like it at all, but give it a shot.

A Hack That Makes Bible Reading an Epic Experience

I believe you’ll find that this Bible reading hack will make your experience reading the Bible be an epic experience! Now, let’s get into it.

The Tension Inside of God

Why the cross was necessary

Have you ever wondered, why was the cross even necessary? I’m sure you have. I know I have. It’s easy for us to assume we know the Gospel and for us to assume others know the Gospel as well. If you were asked by someone who has never read the Bible, “why was the cross necessary,” what would you say to them? Would you have an answer yourself? My hope is that this article will give you an answer – from Scripture – so you can know the answer for yourself and others. This changed the game for my understanding of the cross.

The Tension Inside of God

Picture this: a person has two seemingly opposing desires. Each desire is pulling this person in the opposite direction of the other desire. The struggle is real. This is the picture we get when we consider three specific characteristics of God.

The Only Way to Truly Find Yourself

A proven, time-tested approach that will never let you down

Some go to college to do it. Some go to parties to do it. Some try new things to do it. Searching. Yearning. There’s a profound reality in the human psyche: we have a sense that we don’t know who we are. You (and everyone else, including me) have talked about trying to truly find yourself.

The Only Way to Truly Find Yourself

Who am I? What am I really like? We don’t want to turn out to be carbon copies of our parents or our siblings. We want to be us. Unique and all – even though for much of our lives (growing up at least) we strive to simply fit in. But what does it look like to truly find yourself? Does college work? Do parties work? Does trying new things work? What actually works?