27 Things I’ve Learned From 27 Years of Existence

From the School of Hard Knocks

Today I turned 27. It’s the oldest I’ve ever been. And as I think about getting closer to the dreaded age of 30 (at least for me), many things have come to mind. The biggest thing that comes to mind is the fact that I have so far to go. I’m nowhere near where I want to be as a follower of Christ, as a husband, as a father, as a pastor, as a friend, and as a writer.

27 Things I've Learned From 27 Years of Existence

But another thing comes to mind – I’ve learned some things along the way. I always try to be a voracious learner. And maybe, just maybe, something in this list of 27 things I’ve learned from 27 years of existence will connect with you.

Labor Day and the Christian Worker

How we should think on and respond to Labor Day

This coming Monday marks another celebration of Labor Day. What began in 1885 has continued to today. As a result, millions of Americans will enjoy a three-day weekend. In the midst of the sleeping in, the cookouts, the kids playing outside, and all the other stereotypical Labor Day festivities, the Christian worker has something else to consider.

Labor Day and the Christian Worker

How Christ alters the way we approach our work has been of constant interest to me since becoming a Christ follower. From what I can see in Scripture, it is clear that work is something we were made to do. Adam and Eve were given the task of gardeners and since then, work has been a way of life for mankind. What shall the Christian worker think on and respond with as he celebrates Labor Day? I’m glad you asked…

What to Truly Rejoice About

Jesus' words to 72 of His followers

Rejoice! What causes you joy? What gives you the feeling that something great is happening or is going to happen? Is it football season? Is it your report card? Is it the bonus at the end of the fiscal quarter? Is it family gathering? Is it family dispersing? We may not use the word, rejoice, but it is present in our lives. What we rejoice about the most says a lot about what lies beneath the surface of our lives.

What to Truly Rejoice About

Jesus has a way of teaching us these things with great power and effectiveness. To teach this to the many people who were following Him when He was in the midst of His ministry, He sent 72 of them out into the towns of Israel to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom and to heal the sick and lame.

When You Don’t Want to Do What You Need to Do

Engaging in the everyday battle

4:00 a.m. is a popular time in the Kelley household. None of us should be up at this time or want to be up at this time, but most days we are up (at least two of us). Our youngest daughter, Piper, likes to wake up at this time. Sometimes our oldest daughter, Kairea, decides to join her just to make things extra interesting in the morning. 

When You Don't Want to Do What You Need to Do

This morning was one of those mornings. I currently sit here at the dining room table in the camper we are staying at in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho which sits next to Sara’s sister and brother in-law’s home. Piper is sleeping in my arms and I’m doing what I do most every morning – writing. It’s now 6 a.m. local time and I’m just reveling in the victory of getting this little girl back to sleep. But our girls aren’t the only ones who don’t always want to do what they need to do. We’re all guilty of this. I certainly am.

Expectations and the Christian Life

And why they both go hand-in-hand

Today and tomorrow, for people all over this country and all over the world, are days of expectancy. For two full days, we will take part in the 2016 Global Leadership Summit by the Willow Creek Association. If you’re not familiar with the conference, it’s one of the most popular on leadership in the country. There’s much reason for those of us attending to be coming to the table with plenty of expectations. But these expectations we bring shouldn’t be exclusive to today and tomorrow. 

Expectations and the Christian Life

Today, I anticipate learning a lot. I anticipate having to be stretched outside of my comfort zone – I’ll be attending the conference by myself, so I’ll either be mute or I’ll start a conversation with someone near me. I have great expectations for the conference, but shouldn’t we all have expectations for each day we are granted life? That question got me thinking…

Truth for the Lonely Person

2 remedies for loneliness

She’s the life of the party, conversing with all, entertaining most, but truly knowing none. She goes home feeling empty. Why does everyone but me seem to have people in their lives who care? The thought runs through her mind constantly. She prides herself on being friendly to all, but it’s been years since she has had a real friend. She is a lonely person. She is a person who has many around her, but feels alone at the same time. 

Truth for the Lonely Person

Her pain is at the tipping point. She interacts with many, but at the end of the day, she has a lot of acquaintances and no real friends. She is an extrovert. Her story isn’t unique. She like many outgoing types. She is funny, great at telling stories, and can’t keep her mouth closed for more than a few seconds. Everyone assumes she is happy. She wants to be. It’s a desire she’s never been able to satisfy. She is a lonely person who needs to know something.

The Three Letter Word to Pray When Life Sucks

Lemons are easy, but what happens when life throws you darts?

What do you do when life sucks? Well, I’ve heard it said, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But what happens when life throws you darts? What do you make of it, then? A dartboard? Yeah, that feels lovely… Abandoned. Ever been there? Betrayed. Ever been there? Ignored. Ever been there? Insulted. Ever been there?

The Three Letter Word to Pray When Life Sucks

Like being stuck in the line of a dreadful carnival ride with nowhere to go but on, sometimes life can feel terrible. The lump in your throat grows ever larger as your turn on the ride gets closer. You know what is coming, but it’s as if the wall was not built on the border, but around you, keeping you on track to your nauseous demise.

The Good Things You Do Weren’t Your Idea

Control and the narratives of our lives

The good things you do… It’s easy to take pride in your accomplishments. It’s easy to take credit for what you’ve done. It’s easy to look at the day, decide what you will do, go and do it, then go to bed satisfied. It’s easy. It’s also inaccurate.

The Good Things You Do Weren't Your Idea

How can I describe it? We’re more than a train on tracks controlled by a Conductor. We’re more than passive characters on the page of a novel – doing whatever is written by the Author. We’re more than vehicles traveling through space being steered left and right by the Driver. At the same time, we’re less than the Conductor, less than the Author, and less than the Driver. That’s the thing about accuracy, it’s not as easy.