Do Something: Cultural Crises and the Gospel

A Blog Series by Brandon Kelley

Do Something: Cultural Crises and the GospelIn our time, we face a large number of cultural crises. We have two options: do nothing or do something. For the Christ follower there is only one option. Jesus has declared that His followers are both salt and light in this world. They are to preserve God’s way and to bring light to dark situations. 

Many of the topics discussed in this blog series will prove to be uncomfortable to read and, believe me, they are hard to write. It’s easier to just put our heads in the sand and ignore these major issues of our time. But ignore them we can’t. We have the answer! 

It is time that Gospel-infused people step up and step out to do something. God is at work. May we join Him and allow Him to make a difference through our obedience.

Do Something: Cultural Crises and the Gospel

Part 1: This is Causing 7 Times as Many Deaths as the Holocaust Every Year

Part 2: The Heartbreaking Reality of 132 Million Children

Part 3: Over 3 Times US Population Suffers From This

Part 4: The Billion Dollar Industry That Needs to Be Stopped

Part 5: Your Brain is Being Rewired, But It’s Even Worse

Part 6: No, America, We’re Not Past This

Part 7: 3.06 Billion People Have No Hope Right Now