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Preaching Sticky SermonsPreaching Sticky Sermons

Preaching remains relevant even as America becomes less and less Christian. Preaching Sticky Sermons is a practical and accessible book for pastors young and old.

Brandon Kelley and Joe Hoagland reveal how to make your sermons stick. They focus on four main areas of creating a sermon: Preparation, writing, delivery, and evaluation.

This book will help you write sermons that stick not only on Sunday but also throughout the week.

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Coming Soon: Crucified to Life

Jesus said that the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy, but that He came to give us life abundantly (John 10:10). But I wonder how many Christians really think they are living a life that is anything close to abundant. And this is why I wrote my upcoming book, Crucified to Life: What Abundant Life in Christ Really Looks Like.

In it, I lay out, not a deeper Christianity, but the Christianity that we all should know. But unfortunately, many of us have settled for something different. We have misunderstood grace, we have misunderstood the good news. We have let the Gospel stop at God saving us from Hell. And, yet, it is much more than that. The work that God has done and is doing is more than that and it is my hope and prayer that through this book, more people will discover what abundant life in Christ looks like.  

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