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By the time you finish Bible Hacks, you'll know how to approach the New Testament with a confident humility.

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Apply what you learn in each chapter by following a guided exercise to read and understand a portion of the New Testament.

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Do Something: Cultural Crises and the Gospel

In our time, we face a large number of cultural crises. We have two options: do nothing or do something. For the Christ follower there is only one option. Jesus has declared that His followers are both salt and light in this world. They are to preserve God's way and to bring light to dark situations.

Many of the topics discussed in this ebook will prove to be uncomfortable to read and, believe me, they are hard to write. It's easier to just put our heads in the sand and ignore these major issues of our time. But ignore them we can't. We have the answer!

It is time that Gospel-infused people step up and step out to do something. God is at work. May we join Him and allow Him to make a difference through our obedience.

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In this 28-day experience, you will go on a journey to knowing God in a deeper way than you know Him now. Are you ready for the journey?

It contains:

  • 4 inspiring and insightful audio sessions
  • Daily prompts to take the principles in the audio sessions and apply them to your everyday life

Journey is all about you truly experiencing God in your life each day. It is designed with practical application rooted in deep theological truths. You'll be challenged and encouraged to live the abundant life that Jesus Christ came to give you.

Want to live a life of purpose, meaning, and clarity? This devotional will help you do it.

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