by Brandon Kelley

Playlist: Sermon Shorts

Full Sermons

Do It Again: “David and Goliath”

Withness: “Freed to Serve”

For Your Good: “The ‘C’ Word That Scares Us”

For Your Good: “Damaged, Damned, and Destroyed”

For Your Good: “The Short Path to Murder”

On the Move: “A Better Restoration”

He Shall Be Called: “Mighty God”

Citizenship: “Seeking Asylum”

The Circle Maker: “Think Long”

From This Day Forward: “Fight Fair”

Brace Yourself: “Focus the Focus”

#BossMode: “Storm Stopper”

Jesus Friend of…: “the Sinner”

Bless This Home: “Pure in Heart”

Gridiron: “Defense”

2015 Sermon Compilation

Come to Worship: “Lift Up Your Hands”

Jonah: “Second Chance”

Dear Galatians: “Freed to Love”

Dear Galatians: “Promise Receivers”

Dear Galatians: “Jesus and

Most Likely: “to Be Rich”

Most Likely: “to Change the World”

Brave: “Leap”

Enough: “He Stills Me”

The Other 3:16’s: “Revelation 3:16”

Life on Mission: “Connect”

Disney Goes to Church: “Aladdin”

Christian… It’s Not What You Think: “Quitters”

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