The Story Behind Those Who Endorsed “Crucified to Life”

Six Men and Their Families Who I'm Deeply Thankful For

The Story Behind Those Who Endorsed "Crucified to Life"

Two weeks ago, Crucified to Life was released into the world. A common practice in the book writing world is to get people to write endorsements of the book and feature them in the book so people who are thinking of buying the book can see what others said about it.

To Fellow Parents, Our Rhetoric Trickles

A Plea for a Different Path

to fellow parents, our rhetoric trickles

To fellow parents, could we have a conversation about our rhetoric? It’s important because our rhetoric trickles down to our impressionable children. They hear us. They listen to us. Many of us should be frightened by this.

Bible Hacks: Reading the Gospels Well

How to Read the Bible Better

Bible Hacks: Reading the Gospels Well

For the next four weeks, I’ll be co-teaching a class called, Bible Hacks where myself and Daryl Docterman will teach short sessions designed to help you read the Bible better. Below are my teaching notes from session four as well as the audio of the class. Past sessions are listed at the bottom of this article:


How to Stay Sane in our Insane Culture

5 Actions to Help You Stay There

How to Stay Sane in our Insane Culture

Have you heard? We’re in a war. It’s us versus them and we’re not even sure what we’re up in arms for. But, nonetheless, it feels good to be upset. At least it seems to. Why else would we kindle our anger at one another?

“Crucified to Life” is Now Available

Discover What Abundant Life in Christ Really Looks Like

Crucified to Life

Do you deeply desire to know God’s purpose for your life? Do you find yourself wondering “is this all there is to Christianity?” If so, I’ve got just the thing for you.

I’m excited to announce that Crucified to Life is finally available! I put a ton of hard work into making this the best book I possibly could that would help you discover and live into abundant life in Christ.