Are You Being Shaped by Culture Without Even Knowing it?

The Stories We Believe and the Lies They Tell

Are You Being Shaped by Culture Without Even Knowing it?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? Because you and I can’t really answer it. If we’re shaped by culture without even knowing it, we wouldn’t know it. But still, this is a question we must ask ourselves. And if we give it a minute and refuse to brush past it, the answer may become clear.

5 Powerful Truths Your Faith Must Be Built On to Thrive in Today’s Culture

If You Don't Know and Understand These, You'll Be Uprooted in No Time

Future generations will look back at our present time amazed at the rate of change that has begun. Technology has transformed our palms, pockets, the angle of our heads, and our addiction of choice. The pursuit of happiness has been transformed into the image of self-fulfillment. Morality is now filtered through what someone wants rather than what is right. Just wait until this gets into our court system. But there’s more…

Bible to Inbox: Let Me Help You Read the Bible More

Change Your Habits. Read the Bible. Let God Change Your Life.

Odds are, you want to read your Bible more. You’re not alone. According to Barna, among people who like the Bible, 78-85% want to read it more. But you and I both know that it can be difficult to make time to read God’s word.

No, Things Today Are Not Worse Than Ever Before

History, What Jesus Said, and a Better Declaration

No, Things Today Are Not Worse Than Ever Before

Look around. Watch the news. Listen to the radio. Scroll Facebook. You may conclude that things today are worse than ever before. That conclusion may turn into your cliched mantra that you put on repeat every time you encounter evil. But here’s my humble opinion. It needs to stop. To put it simply: no, things today are not worse than ever before.  

An Inconvenient Truth for the Entitlement Age

And the Way Forward

An Inconvenient Truth for the Entitlement Age

We live in the entitlement age. A time of history in which we all believe we are entitled to an assortment of rights. Many have looked upon the current state of our culture and have prosecuted my generation, the millennials, with the accusation of being the most entitled generation ever to live. The reality is, we are no more or less entitled than our parents or grandparents.

The Overwhelming Majority of Americans Misunderstand God (and it’s a Big Deal)

A Domino Effect of Eternal Consequences

Most Americans misunderstand God greatly. The god most Americans worship is the man upstairs who doesn’t take much seriously, who will always bow to the desires of his creation, and has the first and foremost goal of giving happiness to everyone. Americans worship a puny god who doesn’t have infinite power, infinite wisdom, or infinite anything. Oh, you wonder how I know this? Well, Americans have said it. Lifeway Research and Ligonier Ministries recently came out with the results of their research entitled, The State of Theology. And the results? Frightening.

Even among self-professing evangelicals, the results are eye-opening and concerning. No longer do evangelicals reference Scripture to find out what God is like. Instead, they consult their own opinions that have been influenced by half-listened-to sermons, documentaries on Netflix, and the latest book by ultra happy, always smiling, good ole Joel. So, the problem doesn’t just stem within the American unchurched. The problem stems in the pews of small church America all the way to the stadium seats of megachurch America.